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Was That A Hate Crime? Nope.

As I was reading TheBlaze on the latest developments on the story about Sharmeka Moffitt, a black woman from Louisiana who was attacked, by three white men, in an apparent racially motivated attack, something seemed a little odd to me.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but I had a feeling something was fishy about her story, deep down it seemed that the whole incident was made up.  Being the type of person who doesn’t rush to judgement on anything, I hesitated to tell friends and family about my opinion on the matter.   I mean, who wants to be the person to accuse someone of making up a horrific story like this, only to look like a douche-bag when proven wrong.  So I suspended my judgement, and waited for more facts, unlike the MSM.

And more facts came indeed.  Not to long after the story broke, maybe the next day or two, the police had wrapped up their investigation.  Turns out she did make the story up.  She wrote KKK and a racial slur on her car, then set herself on fire.  What was she trying to prove?  Maybe she was trying to commit suicide and make it look like an assault, maybe she was seeking the attention of friends and family, or maybe she is just someone who hates whites and will do anything to make them look like racists.  I don’t know.

Later, I was thinking to myself and came to a realization.  This wasn’t the first time that someone had self-inflicted injuries, then blamed another group of people in an attempt to demonize them or their belief’s, in an attempt to hide something.

I decided to do a little research and found, as I had originally surmised, this has happened many times in the last couple years.  It seems that a lot of the report are from people who injure themselves doing something moronic, such as attempting a backflip while intoxicated.  However there seems to be a more sinister plot afoot.  Some of these falsely reported hate crimes seem to have been done to draw attention to some sort of political ideology.  Namely this so false notion of homophobia, that is “rampant” in America. n n

Back in May there was a lesbian couple, whom had “kill the gays” tagged on their home, the next day they found a noose hanging on their front door handle.  After an investigation it turned out they spray painted the message onto the house, and reported the “crime.”  According to the Huffington Post:

Aimee Whitchurch, 37 and Christel Conklin, 29, reported in October of 2011 that the words “Kill the Gay” were spray-painted in red on their Parker condominium’s garage door. The next day police were called back to the house after the women claimed someone hung a noose on their front door handle.

But after working on the case with the FBI because of the hate crime element to the incidents, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has determined that the incidents were false

There was Charlie Rogers, a small business owner, who is openly lesbian, she reported being attacked in her home by three masked men.  According to Journal Star in a turn of events, an arrest warrant was issued for Ms. Roger’s

An arrest warrant for Charlie Rogers was issued after investigators say they found no sign of a struggle in the living room where the 33-year-old claimed she was attacked. She has since been released on a personal recognizance bond after a brief court appearance, the publication notes.

“There was no apparent blood on the bedspread; even though Ms. Rogers reported she was rolled on to her stomach after she had been cut on her arms, abdomen, chest and front of her legs while being held down,” the warrant stated, according to theJournal Star.

Turned out she carved gay slurs into her body, and spray painted gay slurs throughout her own apartment.

In another case, this time based on religion, you have Zachary Tennen, a 19-year-old sophomore at Michigan State University, that claimed he was beaten up by neo-nazis while leaving a party, because he was Jewish.  This, like the others, gained national attention. However, about 50 witnesses reported that there were no neo-nazis at the party, what they remember was a drunk student aggressively hitting on women until, as he groped one of them, a male friend punched Tennen in the face.

I’m not sure why these individuals are reporting the phony hate crimes, I’m sure false reporting of crimes in general happens a lot, but these seem to be targeted attacks, mainly, aimed at conservatives, whites, or Christians, in my opinion.  Is it possible that the left is stooping to a new low.  Maybe, however, these are just about as despicable as the occupy protestors telling their people not to report the rapes that were happening within their movement.

I know that there are real hate crimes that happen in this country, and around the world, but nowadays it seems like anytime a victim is black, gay, muslim, etc., the incident is always called a hate crime.  Even if these factors had nothing to do with that particular incident.  Hopefully we can change this, because the majority of Americans, no matter their race, sex, or religion, are do not hate anyone.  We do deserve the ability to defend our positions and belief’s without having insults hurled at us.

This could be a problem in the future for people who are truly victims of hate crimes.  Think the boy who cried wolf.

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Will the Youth Vote Be the Fall of America?

The term “Youth Vote” originally described voters in the 21-30 year old age bracket and was coined in the 1930’s. During the 1970’s the voting age was then changed to 18, bringing in hundreds of thousands of voters mainly fresh out of high school. Being 28, I myself fall under this category. Naturally, democrats used this to their advantage and have been working on forming the minds of children to their liberal ideologies. Eventually, in their minds, the youth would be overwhelmingly democrat due to the brainwashing attempted in the public school systems, and it works, to some extent.

The last two elections have had very high turn out from youth voters, in which the majority of that group voted for Al Gore and Barack Obama. Looking to the future, there are studies that show that in 2015 the youth vote will make up approximately 33% of all American voters. If the trend continues, that will be a major chunk of the voting population, who might end up supporting democrat candidates and ideologies. These politicians won’t have to break a sweat, or drop a dime for these votes.

Democrats have been pandering to these individuals for as long as I can remember, with promises of lower to no tuition costs for college, free money for living and food, and other types of entitlements for all. It’s no wonder that they flock to democrats who just tell them what they want to hear. If you listen to the news, it seems the youth of this nation really can’t think for themselves.

However, according to the New York Times, some of the youth vote, at least for the moment, is moving toward Mitt Romney and the republicans. Though he still leads by a large margin, support for Obama, between the 18-24 year old voters is half what the 25-29 year old vote is.

I thought to myself why is this? Why would support for Obama being going downhill. After thinking back to the debate, and things that I’ve seen in the past four years, I came up with two theories.

First off, maybe, just maybe these youth are realizing that they are not getting what they were promised and their eyes are finally opened to the lies of the left. They realize that the country is going to hell and the failed policies of the current administration are just flat out hurting America. The only other possible theory, I can think of, is that they are upset with Obama, and the democrats, and will vote for Romney out of spite.

According to a poll, from Harvard, Obama is loosing support from students, not because they’re voting for Romney, but because they aren’t going to vote at all.

According to U.S. News:

As the race hurtles into its last weeks, the youth vote is becoming less of a lock for President Obama than it was for his first White House bid. And it’s not because young people like GOP nominee Mitt Romney any more than Obama, it’s that they just might not show up at the polls this time around.

“Millennial enthusiasm is nowhere near where it was four years ago,” says Harvard Institute of Politics Director Trey Grayson.

While a new Harvard poll finds that young adults trust Obama over Romney to improve their lives 55 percent to 36 percent among “likely” voters, fewer than half of 18 to 29-years-olds said they “definitely” plan to vote at all. That number is down 19 points from 2008, when 66 percent of Millennials were registered and ready to cast ballots.

While at the same time:

Romney’s youth voters are much more likely to make it out to vote in November. Sixty-five percent of his voters said they are definitely going to make it to the polls whereas just over half of Obama’s supporters were committed to casting a ballot.

So it looks like, in my opinion, Obama is losing support out of spite. A small percentage are turning to Romney, most are just going to stay home. Romney on the other hand, is gaining support because of an emerging energized base of youth voters.

Even though it’s not a clear-cut victory for Romney with the youth, the tides are changing. It just goes to show how important our vote is to secure a victory on either side, and republicans have not been doing enough to grab these votes. I believe that will change, republicans are not just a bunch of old, fat, white, rich guys. There is a young, diverse group of republicans rising from the midst of this great country, and they will be the future of the GOP.

So will the youth vote destroy America? No, I really don’t think so. I think the destruction of America would come at the hands of a majority of the population living off government entitlements and/or a majority of the population in government employment. Both very real possibilities, but that’s a whole other topic.

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The Second Presidential Debate Is Over… Who Won?

The debate getting a little heated.

Tonight I was a little behind on the debate.  Story of my life it seems.  The first debate I was on a fishing trip and forgot to record it.  I had to work on my house and ended up missing the VP debate, luckily I recorded that one.  Tonight, however, I was invited to a debate party and got there late.  It seems anytime I want to watch a presidential debate live something comes up and I have to rely on my DVR, or in this case a friends DVR.  Luckily I have great friend, they paused the debate before it started and waited for me and my family to show.  So I was only like twenty minutes behind.

Now like I said I missed the first debate, and I still haven’t seen it, but from what I’ve read and seen in the news, it was no contest.  So, in the back of my mind, I kind of hoped that this debate would be the same, although I knew it wouldn’t be.  There were a lot of questions I think should have been brought up but weren’t, i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood members being invited to the White House, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in our government, and Obama avoiding Netanyahu like the plague.

I was impressed by most of Romney’s answers, though two minutes seems like a lot of time to give someone to answer simple questions, just my opinion.  I say give a short well thought out answer and let Obama take up the rest of the time defending his ineptitude. By the second or third question I was tired of hearing Romney talk.  Not because he wasn’t giving good answers, it just drug on and on.  Obama was no different I need to add.  He spent a lot of his time calling Romney a liar, two to three minutes at a time.

Romney did a very good job of keeping Obama on his toes the whole time.  He brought up broken promises and his failures as president.  Governor Romney answered pretty well on issues such as immigration reform, energy independence, the second amendment, and especially the last question about, basically, debunking misrepresentations of his character.  That last one was one of his better answers.  However, on a few of the questions, it seemed like he kind of walked around it and gave an answer that didn’t really address the actual question.  For example, when asked what he would do with the illegal aliens that are hard-working, he just talked about immigration reform and was basically asked a second time to answer the actual question, which he then did very well.  All in all I would say he had a solid debate overall though.

Obama on the other hand was more like a… a bratty kid?  Maybe a little more Biden-esque in the fact he was definitely more aggressive and interruptive.  At one point he almost seemed pissed, you could see it in his face.  The “altitude” really didn’t seem to affect him as much this time.  I would have to say he did pretty well in his overall response to questions and staying engaged.  Though he never seemed to answer any questions directly.  It seemed that every answer was “Romney is a liar and here is why,” followed by an explanation that based in liberal talking points, it was just the same Obama talking points over and over again.  He must have been studying those non-stop the past two weeks.  I can hear Michelle now. “No intelligence meetings until you memorize those talking points backwards and forwards, and eat those brussel sprouts, now!”  There’s not much else to say about his performance, just redistribution and republicans are evil.

All in all I will say it was a little hard for me to determine a winner of the debate.  Even though they both did fairly well.  If I had to put money on it, I would say that Romney won by a slim to medium margin.  However, according to FOX News, out of their focus groups Romney was definitely the winner by far.  I don’t know, but if that is accurate with the undecided voters, then I say hallelujah!

One other thing I wanted to bring up was the moderator, Candy Crowley.  I think she was probably the best moderator this year, however I would say she was definitely trying to help Obama a couple of times.  Not surprising the MSM will always do that.  No matter how much they try to hide it just can’t portray a balanced, unbiased image.  I just hope that this debate was enough to help boost Romney toward a sustainable lead.

In case you missed it here is the debate in its entirety.

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President Obama Disrespects the Flag Again!

On President Obama’s website,, he is selling a couple of posters that are causing an uproar with conservatives and apparently flying over the heads of liberals.  One of them, aptly named ‘Our Flag,’ is a poster, yet again, disrespecting the great symbol that is our flag, and is just another piece of evidence of how Obama wants to change our country.  

His ‘flag’ takes away the 50 stars and replaces it with the Obama symbol.  According to a description posted on Obama’s twitter account:

One theory I have, is that this flag actually means ‘One nation under Obama.’  Sounds plausible to me.  If we get another year of Obama, I believe we could have a dictatorship, like in Venezuela, due to some crisis, and he knows not to waste a crisis.  Not only is this unacceptable and disrespectful to the country and to our soldiers, it is also against the US Flag Code.

It kind of reminds me of a controversy that happened a couple years ago with Obama and the flag.

Anyone who has any respect for our country should see what Obama is doing and wake up to how much he wants to destroy our country.

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Happy (Belated) Constitution Day

Yesterday marked the 225th year of American greatness.  The day our founding fathers came together and signed the Constitution.  We need to keep this day going for another 225 years.

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Government Won’t Sell Shares Back To GM

After years of being labeled Government Motors, General Motors wants to take control of their company again.  They believe that the government ownership is giving GM a bad image.  Sounds nice, if I were them I would not want the government having the controlling stock of my company either.  I also would not have sold it to the government in the first place, but I guess hindsight’s 20/20.

The Treasury Department responded by basically saying, to bad.  Apparently, the Treasury Department is afraid that selling the shares back to GM would cost the government billions of dollars.  Yes, losing Americans money is bad, however, let’s look at this in a different way.  If the government loses billions of dollars in the failed experiment that was the auto bailout, then it will look very bad for Obama and his re-election.  Let’s not forget that Obama and Biden have been talking up GM as a success.

This is exactly what EVERYONE has said from the beginning.  If you give your company to the government, they won’t give it back.  We are heading into some dark times and the more we give the government, either voluntarily or other wise, the more it will be used against us.  Failing companies need to fail, the government needs to get out of everyone’s business, and we need to take back our freedom.

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Embassy Burned, Americans Dead…

US embassy burning in Libya

Egypt and Libya, two places are care nothing about anymore.  Well, I never cared about them before really, but Egypt has the pyramids at least.  Yesterday, they committed a crime, that in reality, is an act of war, I believe.

Muslim Brotherhood backed mobs jumped the fences to the American embassies in these two countries, and attacked them.  In Libya, they assassinated the U.S. Ambassador and murdered 3 other Americans.  Why?  The media will have you believe that it is due to a video on ‘YouTube’, in which some group is portraying their prophet in a negative way.  Seriously?  Tell me why it is okay for you to make videos about how it’s okay to kill Christians and Jews, but if someone makes fun or your religion, they need to die.  It makes no sense.  Unless you are a religion of evil.

Now I now there are good, God-fearing (or is it Allah fearing), America loving, Muslims out there.  And I have no problem with them or their religion as long as they are not trying to kill me or anyone else.  Same with any religion.  However, there is a group, a rather large majority of this religion that believe in the extremist ways.  These are the people who praise the cowards who perpetrate crimes such as 9/11 or even this tragedy, over a video.  But that’s not really the issue.

The video played no role in the attack.  This was an orchestrated attack by the Muslim Brotherhood on America.  The same Muslim Brotherhood our “great” commander-in-chief meets with in the White House while snubbing Israel, or sending them $1 billion in foreign aid.  That’s right, Obama is sending them $1 billion dollars in aid.  To terrorists.  Wake up people,  we are being lied to by our leaders and the mainstream media.

If this were Christians or Jews attacking an Egyptian embassy.  This would be treated as terrorism.  Why is it not being treated that way now.

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Political Fails of the Week: 9/3-9/7

It’s time for another edition of political fails.  We’re just going to just right in this week.  So here we go.

Monday 9/3:

I read a story Monday about how many times a blaze reporter had to show ID in order to get into the events at the DNC.  According to the story on TheBlaze they had to show identification three times.  Which is kind of funny when you think about how showing ID is racist.  At least if you compare it to Voter ID laws (I have a post specifically on that here.) You can view the story here.

Tuesday 9/4:

I saw a video, Tuesday, from the DNC where a couple of guys were giving away t-shirts to people.  The t-shirt is hilarious, they say ‘Journalists for Obama.’  What’s so funny you might ask.  Well the fact that these shirts point out the obvious bias the media has towards Obama and the left.  And the shirts were gone in a matter of seconds.  I wonder if it’s because these people were tricked (yes, because they’re idiots), the media bias is true (undoubtedly), and/or they were free and these people want free stuff (obviously.)   Below is a video from MRC, showing how quickly the two ran out of the shirts.

Wednesday 9/5:

Democrats need to get control of their whack job loonies.  During second day of the DNC, TheBlaze interviewed a woman from Puerto Rico.  According to her Romney would “Destroy America.”  Okay, typical liberal rhetoric.  However, she turned it up a notch toward the end of the interview.  She said that if she met Romney she would  like to kill him.  Now, if this was a teaparty activist, or someone connected in, any way, to the republican party, the media would be all over this.  They would be tearing this person to shreds and then they would go after the teaparty and the GOP.  However, since this was a liberal, and not just a liberal but a hispanic liberal, they will play it off as “free speech.” According to TheBlaze, the secret service is aware of the threat and investigating.

Thursday 9/5:

Do the shuffle.

There were lots of merchants outside the DNC this week.  All of them selling some sort of Obama themed merchandise.  There was one that was, well unique.  If you were lucky enough to make it down to the DNC, and I wasn’t,  you could have purchased this product and in a matter of minutes,  you could have been the first person in the club doing ‘The Obama Shuffle.  That’s right ‘The Obama Shuffle,’ and with a name like that, and all the sweet moves this guy had going on, you would be the talk of the club.  However, maybe not in a good way.

What we need now is someone to create a Romney dubstep dance to compete with the moves this guy throws down.  It wouldn’t be too hard to beat this dance.  I think even just a backwoods square dance or even something like the river dance would be better than this.

Friday 9/6:

This story (here) really pisses me off.  The lack of respect the left has for this country and its national symbols is infuriating.  A photo posted on the University of Iowa’s facebook page shows preparations for the president’s arrival, it also shows an enormous American flag lying on the ground.  Now if you are not familiar with flag etiquette, there are some basic rule that should be followed to show respect to our great flag.  Things like: the flag should always be lit up by some sort of light (whether it’s the sun, or an artificial light), don’t set the flag on fire, simple things like that.  Oh, and don’t put the flag on the freaking ground.

This is very disrespectful.  I bet the republicans could put up a ginormous flag without it touching the ground.  Now the University did post an apology on their facebook page, and all is well.  Wait.  Except, they removed the image, and then said that nothing wrong was done.  If nothing wrong was done, then why remove the photo.

Sure looks to me like it on the ground, and I don’t see any blue or gray tarps.

Well that’s it for this week.  Don’t forget to follow the blog and I will try to answer all comments.

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‘The Daily Show’ Finds Out DNC Is Not Tolerant

Caption from ‘The Daily Show’

Not tolerant.  Figure that one out.  Oh, unless you’re a minority, woman, of gay, at least.  ‘The Daily Show’ featured a video last night, where they interviewed truly intolerant people.  They admitted that if you are a white male, conservative, tea partier, or a corporation owner, you are not welcome in their party.  So the new definition of tolerant is tolerant to your own views.  Okay, that’s been the definition for years now.  Let’s compare that to the republicans.

Republicans, mainly conservatives, don’t believe in differences based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, or any other dividers.  You are all Americans, and as such have all the same opportunities that everyone else have.  Even the rich.  They are truly the all-inclusive party.

I could not embed the video so hop on over to TheBlaze (here) or Comedy Central (here) to view.  If you listen to the audience during the video, you can tell they’re not tolerant either.

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Voter ID Laws Like “Raping Somebody”?

With many hardcore leftist speakers at the DNC, including San Antonio mayor Julio Castro members from SEIU, Michelle Obama, etc., my prediction will be that there will be a lot of talk about voter ID laws.  Right alongside how the GOP is racist and hates the poor.  If there is any indicator of this it is the story TheBlaze has about how voter ID laws are like “raping somebody.”  Well that’s how one DNC Delegate feels.

Here is an exert from TheBlaze:

According to the delegate, being required to present a photo ID at the polling stations creates voter inequity and causes certain people to lose “part of their freedom” and their all-American, “constitutional right” to vote — that, to her, is akin to rape.

While being required to present an ID would not actually strip someone of his or her “right” to vote, the delegate pressed on.

“It’s like raping somebody,” she stated plainly before agreeing that a utility bill is more than sufficient proof of identification to present at the voting booth.

“It‘s the most awful thing I’ve ever seen.”

TheBlaze reporters then reminded her that journalists coming into the DNC have to show ID three times to get in.  Apparently she changed her tune.  She responded by saying that since she was in the military, showing ID came naturally and she would not have a problem showing ID “ten times” at the DNC.  Wow, but it’s still wrong to show ID for voting.

The main claim against voter ID laws are that they are racist.  It stops people who are not supposed to vote from voting.  Like illegals and felons.  They do not have the right to vote because they did something to have their rights removed, whether it’s coming into the country illegally, robbing a bank, murdering someone, etc.  They can’t and shouldn’t vote.  This is not an attack on blacks or the poor.  Also, everyone can get ID, you don’t need a drivers license, they just require some sort of picture ID.  I can go down to the Department of Licensing and get a state ID for like $15, as long as I am a citizen.  There is not one person who can’t get $15 dollars.  If you can’t, it’s because you lazy, bad at budgeting, or are not a citizen.

Voter ID requirement is one of the best ways to stop voter fraud.  There are seven states that require ID to vote.  They are Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan and South Dakota.  States that have voter ID laws have little to no voter fraud, and when there is, people are arrested.   For example, In Florida, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported a total of 178 cases of voter fraud sent to its department since 2000. Out of those cases, a total of 11 arrests have been made.  Compare that to my home state of Washington, where in one example, ACORN members plead guilty to voter registration fraud in 2007.  They submitted 2,000 fraudulent registration cards.  That’s just one case.

Let’s take a moment to think of some other things you need ID for.

  1. Get something notarized
  2. Open a bank account
  3. Cash a check
  4. Apply for food stamps, Unemployment, or Medicaid
  5. Get a job
  6. Apply for welfare
  7. Buy Sudafed or Robitussin
  8. Take a ride on Amtrak
  9. Drive
  10. Get married
  11. Get a mortgage

These are just a few things among many.  So according to liberals, it’s racist or like raping someone when wanting ID to vote, but not to do any of the things, some of which are government required.  Oh, and the DNC doesn’t count either.  What a bunch of B.S.  I am so tired of the pandering, hypocrisy, the idiocracy of everyone on the left.  It’s getting old and people are starting to wake up to your lies.  The only reason you pretend to care about minorities and the poor is to secure votes.  Votes that will allow you to continue your agenda to destroy America.

Well I’m on to you.  So are many more Americans than you can comprehend.  Have fun losing in November.

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