What Did We Learn From the Final Debate?

Monday night, as we all know, was the last of the three presidential debates. This debate was focused on the foreign policies of president Obama, and soon the be president Mitt Romney. So what were my opinions of the debate, who won, and what were some of the important topics brought up?

First off Romney was definitely the winner of this debate. There were moments when he didn’t seem as on fire as others, but seeing the candidates side by side and listening to their answers, one thing was clear, Mitt Romney was definitely the most presidential of the two. He kept Obama on the hot seat most the debate, though he missed some great opportunities to bring to light Obama’s handling of the Benghazi attack.  During most of the debate Obama seemed to be giving Romney, what most in the twitter-verse were calling “The Death Stare,” ninety percent of the time.  I couldn’t tell if he was trying to listen really, really intently, or if he was just thinking that if the table wasn’t as wide I would try to punch this guy.

The most memorable and best Romney moment of the night had to be when he brought up the Obama’s apology tour when he made the rounds in the middle east. He seem to be on the attack most the night, at least more than previously I thought.  At one point, Romney was talking and Obama tried interrupting, Romney calmly turned to Obama and said “I’m still speaking.”  It was great.

This time around Obama did not do all that great, in my opinion. He definitely seemed to be in attack mode, always attacking Romney’s stance on an issue, or a statement made in the past.   Other than a few times, didn’t seem to stutter as much as usual, but I honestly didn’t see the Obama of the last debate. He kept using the same talking points over and over again, in fact some of the talking points he repeated three or four times in the debate, literally word for word.  He seemed a pretty arrogant when speaking to Romney, Especially when he was blasting him about the Navy and how we don’t use bayonets and horses as much in war anymore.

“Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. And so the question is not a game of Battleship where we’re counting ships. It’s — it’s what are our capabilities.”

I decided to fact check this statement this morning. When it comes to the bayonets remark I found it interesting to learn that bayonet and knife combat training is on the rise.  Meaning it is something that is and will be used in the future of war.  Also horse use is on the rise in the military and has always been used for things such as soldiers funerals.  Another thing to mention is that we technically don’t use battle ships anymore.  The last battle ship in active duty was the USS Missouri and was decommissioned in 1992. Currently there are no battle ships being used in the navy.  I have read tweets from Obama supporters saying he was dumbing things down for Romney, but the way he said them showed true arrogance.  Overall, I would say Obama was aggressive and constantly on the attack against Romney.  He did have a little more composure than the last debate, but at times you could tell that he was mad.

As I mentioned before Romney should have capitalized on the Benghazi attacks and the way the current administration handled it. This was one point that I think would have put Romney over the top, and would have brought a lot of undecided voters to his camp. He did bring it up a little bit in the last debate, but this was the one to drive that home.  I think this cost him a little bit, and was the most important point to bring to undecided voters attentions.

I tried to pay special attention to the moderator this time. Bob Schieffer was without a doubt the best moderator of the three debates. He seemed to stay out of the conversation except to move it along, unlike Candy Crowley. I don’t know much about him except that he host ‘Face the Nation’ on CBS, but even if he is partisan to the democrats, like most the MSM, he did a good job of hiding that last night.  Their were a couple of gaffes last night, or Biden-isms as my friends and I like to call them.  The best gaffe however was from Bob Schieffer when he mistakenly called Osama Bin Laden, Obama’s Bin Laden. It took a second for it to sink in and we had a good laugh at our debate party.

Romney’s closing statements seemed kind of dull to me last night. They weren’t bad, but his closing statement from last weeks debate was definitely the better of these two. Obama’s, on the other hand, was the same as always, basically, it’s still Bush’s fault and Romney is a liar. I read an article from TheBlazeyesterday that kind of put things into perspective. Governor Chris Christie said “If Obama can’t change Washington from the inside, what the hell is he doing asking for another four years?”

Why indeed.

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Political Fails #8

Sorry about getting this post out late, been a hectic weekend.  Here it is though in all its  glory.

Monday 10/22:
Billboards that explain voter fraud is a felony and list the punishment for such actions are being taken down in Wisconsin and Ohio. According to Reuters, the group behind the billboards violated its policy on political-themed ads by remaining anonymous.  The decision to take down the billboards was agreed to by the unknown foundation.

It is strange though that there are groups, such as the NAACP, claiming that the billboards are racist.  This goes right along with the whole, voter ID laws are racist.  I saw the funniest thing earlier today though.  While president Obama was voting this week, his photo ID was requested.

Tuesday 10/23:

MSNBC may not be the best place to get the news of the day, however you can usually get  a good laugh as the hosts make complete fools of themselves.  You can also get a really good idea on how out of touch the news organization is with the general population.  On Tuesday I saw a display that made the left look so pitiful, it just showed the barbaric nature of the left.  During the ‘Morning Joe’ Mika Brzezinski asked a 9-year old girl who she thinks should win the election.  She replied Mitt Romney and received a plethora of boos from the surrounding crowd.  Pathetic.

Wednesday 10/24:

Wednesday was full of good news.  First of, we have all heard the left say that voter fraud is a rare or non-existent.  I just wish that was true.  In Colorado’s Secretary of State has found that some 300 non-citizens are on the voter rolls there.  Hmmm.  I’ll just let that one sink in.  If that wasn’t bad enough, voting machines in Guilford County, in North Carolina, were found to be calibrated to register a vote for Mitt Romney as Barack Obama.  According to poll officials, they just need to be re-calibrated.  Conspiracy?  Most likely not, but who knows.

The person our country knows as the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, has a tendency to open his mouth and his foot goes flying in.  I don’t know how he has any teeth with all the gaffes he’s had the last couple months.  Well, it seems he forgot where he was.  Again.  This time he was in Ohio and referred to the state as Iowa.

Thursday 10/25:

Obama had a couple of things come to life of Thursday.  The first was during an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.  During this interview he called Romney a bullsh*tter.  Really?  This is not how the president of the United States should act, or speak, on record or in public.  I could care less if you talk like this behind the scenes, but leave it there.

Secondly, we learned that Obama must hang around Biden too much.  It seems that he is forgetting where he is as well.  The only difference is that Biden seems to mistake states that are at least near each other.  Obama, during a speech at a campaign stop, said he wanted wind turbines manufactured, “…here in China.”  How do you mix up the U.S. and China?

Friday 10/26:


Two stories that I thought needed some more attention were yet another about Biden and another about a Romney supporter.  Eric Hartsburg, a professional wrestler, auctioned off an area of he head to get tattooed.  He received $15,000 and tattooed the Romney symbol on the side of his head.

Now on to Biden.  To put it simply, he had two gaffes in a speech Thursday or Friday.  I’ll let Biden speak for himself.

Saturday 10/27:

Although there were a few good fails on Saturday, I had to choose one this time.  I chose the abomination that is children singing songs about Obama.  This time the song is about blaming the state of our nation solely on their parents.  No kidding.

Biden also had another gaffe which you can view here, and Madonna was booed when she tried telling concertgoers to vote for Obama, you can view that here.

Sorry again about the lateness of this post.  Have a great week and don’t forget to check out RedPillReport for posts from some great writers, and I contribute there as well to.

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Will the Youth Vote Be the Fall of America?

The term “Youth Vote” originally described voters in the 21-30 year old age bracket and was coined in the 1930’s. During the 1970’s the voting age was then changed to 18, bringing in hundreds of thousands of voters mainly fresh out of high school. Being 28, I myself fall under this category. Naturally, democrats used this to their advantage and have been working on forming the minds of children to their liberal ideologies. Eventually, in their minds, the youth would be overwhelmingly democrat due to the brainwashing attempted in the public school systems, and it works, to some extent.

The last two elections have had very high turn out from youth voters, in which the majority of that group voted for Al Gore and Barack Obama. Looking to the future, there are studies that show that in 2015 the youth vote will make up approximately 33% of all American voters. If the trend continues, that will be a major chunk of the voting population, who might end up supporting democrat candidates and ideologies. These politicians won’t have to break a sweat, or drop a dime for these votes.

Democrats have been pandering to these individuals for as long as I can remember, with promises of lower to no tuition costs for college, free money for living and food, and other types of entitlements for all. It’s no wonder that they flock to democrats who just tell them what they want to hear. If you listen to the news, it seems the youth of this nation really can’t think for themselves.

However, according to the New York Times, some of the youth vote, at least for the moment, is moving toward Mitt Romney and the republicans. Though he still leads by a large margin, support for Obama, between the 18-24 year old voters is half what the 25-29 year old vote is.

I thought to myself why is this? Why would support for Obama being going downhill. After thinking back to the debate, and things that I’ve seen in the past four years, I came up with two theories.

First off, maybe, just maybe these youth are realizing that they are not getting what they were promised and their eyes are finally opened to the lies of the left. They realize that the country is going to hell and the failed policies of the current administration are just flat out hurting America. The only other possible theory, I can think of, is that they are upset with Obama, and the democrats, and will vote for Romney out of spite.

According to a poll, from Harvard, Obama is loosing support from students, not because they’re voting for Romney, but because they aren’t going to vote at all.

According to U.S. News:

As the race hurtles into its last weeks, the youth vote is becoming less of a lock for President Obama than it was for his first White House bid. And it’s not because young people like GOP nominee Mitt Romney any more than Obama, it’s that they just might not show up at the polls this time around.

“Millennial enthusiasm is nowhere near where it was four years ago,” says Harvard Institute of Politics Director Trey Grayson.

While a new Harvard poll finds that young adults trust Obama over Romney to improve their lives 55 percent to 36 percent among “likely” voters, fewer than half of 18 to 29-years-olds said they “definitely” plan to vote at all. That number is down 19 points from 2008, when 66 percent of Millennials were registered and ready to cast ballots.

While at the same time:

Romney’s youth voters are much more likely to make it out to vote in November. Sixty-five percent of his voters said they are definitely going to make it to the polls whereas just over half of Obama’s supporters were committed to casting a ballot.

So it looks like, in my opinion, Obama is losing support out of spite. A small percentage are turning to Romney, most are just going to stay home. Romney on the other hand, is gaining support because of an emerging energized base of youth voters.

Even though it’s not a clear-cut victory for Romney with the youth, the tides are changing. It just goes to show how important our vote is to secure a victory on either side, and republicans have not been doing enough to grab these votes. I believe that will change, republicans are not just a bunch of old, fat, white, rich guys. There is a young, diverse group of republicans rising from the midst of this great country, and they will be the future of the GOP.

So will the youth vote destroy America? No, I really don’t think so. I think the destruction of America would come at the hands of a majority of the population living off government entitlements and/or a majority of the population in government employment. Both very real possibilities, but that’s a whole other topic.

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Political Fails #7

This week was a little slower, I think, due to the debate and everyone covering that more than normal news.  I did manage to find a few stories that were definitely down the fail line, though.

Monday 10/15:

I didn’t see this on Monday, but according to  Mark Halperin, a veteran politics reporter, both Obama and Romney campaign’s had complaints about having Candy Crowely as the moderator for the debate.  They apparently weren’t happy with the way she might inject herself into the debate.  Being as it was a townhall format the audience is the one’s who should steer where the debate would go.

From Halperin’s TIME report:

While an early October memorandum of understanding between the Obama and Romney campaigns and the bipartisan commission sponsoring the debates suggests CNN’s Candy Crowley would play a limited role in the Tuesday-night session, Crowley, who is not a party to that agreement, has done a series of interviews on her network in which she has suggested she will assume a broader set of responsibilities. As Crowley put it last week, “Once the table is kind of set by the town-hall questioner, there is then time for me to say, ‘Hey, wait a second, what about X, Y, Z?’”

So it’s not all that surprising she was jumping into the conversation like she did.

Tuesday 10/16:

I always told my friends and family that when smoking was banned in restaurants in California, it would spread to other states and then turn on citizens.  Sure enough, not long after the bans in California, my home state of Washington banned it in businesses as well.  Then there was talk, I don’t know if anything was passed, about banning smoking in you cars.  I know that some people are idiots and smoke with infants and children in their cars.  Those people are just that idiots, but I’m at the point where if the government tries telling me to do something I say screw it.  I want the government out of everything.

Recently, however, San Rafael, a suburb of San Francisco, decided to implement a ban on smoking in peoples homes.  Alright at least in multi-family homes and apartments, but still.  I’m sure these city officials and politicians mean well, but when you take our choice away, you become, in effect, tyrants.  Mark my words, in the near future there will be bans on smoking in all homes, then you’ll have to be 25 feet from doorways and windows, then no smoking at all.  Just for your information, I am not a smoker, but people have the right to put whatever they want in their bodies, no one has the right to tell me or you what to do with my body.  Or does that only work when it comes to abortion?

Wednesday 10/17:

This is just terrifying.  What happens when you go out into Hollywood, four hours before the presidential debate and interview people on how the debate went, before it even started?  That makes sense, right?  Anyway, Jimmey Kimmel found that out.  I don’t watch any of the late night shows, but this clip that I found on TheBlaze was just too good to pass up.  So here it is, you make your own opinion about it.

Thursday 10/18:

So there were actually a lot of stories to choose from on Thursday to add to the ‘Political Fails’ post.  So I have to go with the classic, a Biden gaffe.  While in Las Vegas Thursday, Biden actually asked the crowd of supporters if they knew anyone serving or who had been injured in Iraq or Iran.  Now Biden being confused is nothing new, but the worst part is that no one corrected him, even after repeating the gaffe a couple of times.  They just went along with it.  Either they forgot we weren’t in Iran, or they just go with it, because let’s face it, it’s Joe Biden.

Friday 10/19:

Friday was yet another hard day to choose a story from so I decided to do two.  The first is a video of a “Obama Super Fan” during a man on the street interview.  I don’t know what to say, it is just so mind blowing how, for lack of a nicer term, stupid this person is.  It seems to me that there might be a lot of people, even amongst the least intelligent, that realize communism and socialism are bad, but they are so blinded by Obama and the democrats that they think Romney is the communist.  I never thought this possible, but as you will soon see for yourself it is.

The second is again of our “great” VP Joe Biden, being well, Joe Biden on the stage.  While a lady, who is a cancer survivor was speaking,  Biden was being a little interruptive.  He was just trying to get everyone to sit down, but it was hilarious. You just have to watch and see.

I will leave you with this today, Governor Romney roasting President Obama and the MSM. Have a great week.

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Now A Contributor

Good afternoon everyone.  Just wanted to give you all a quick update on a change that happened today.  I am now a contributor to the Red Pill Report.  This is a great site with lots of great articles, written by great authors.  Stop on by and take a look, also follow the Red Pill Report on twitter: @RedPillReport and on facebook.

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The Second Presidential Debate Is Over… Who Won?

The debate getting a little heated.

Tonight I was a little behind on the debate.  Story of my life it seems.  The first debate I was on a fishing trip and forgot to record it.  I had to work on my house and ended up missing the VP debate, luckily I recorded that one.  Tonight, however, I was invited to a debate party and got there late.  It seems anytime I want to watch a presidential debate live something comes up and I have to rely on my DVR, or in this case a friends DVR.  Luckily I have great friend, they paused the debate before it started and waited for me and my family to show.  So I was only like twenty minutes behind.

Now like I said I missed the first debate, and I still haven’t seen it, but from what I’ve read and seen in the news, it was no contest.  So, in the back of my mind, I kind of hoped that this debate would be the same, although I knew it wouldn’t be.  There were a lot of questions I think should have been brought up but weren’t, i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood members being invited to the White House, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in our government, and Obama avoiding Netanyahu like the plague.

I was impressed by most of Romney’s answers, though two minutes seems like a lot of time to give someone to answer simple questions, just my opinion.  I say give a short well thought out answer and let Obama take up the rest of the time defending his ineptitude. By the second or third question I was tired of hearing Romney talk.  Not because he wasn’t giving good answers, it just drug on and on.  Obama was no different I need to add.  He spent a lot of his time calling Romney a liar, two to three minutes at a time.

Romney did a very good job of keeping Obama on his toes the whole time.  He brought up broken promises and his failures as president.  Governor Romney answered pretty well on issues such as immigration reform, energy independence, the second amendment, and especially the last question about, basically, debunking misrepresentations of his character.  That last one was one of his better answers.  However, on a few of the questions, it seemed like he kind of walked around it and gave an answer that didn’t really address the actual question.  For example, when asked what he would do with the illegal aliens that are hard-working, he just talked about immigration reform and was basically asked a second time to answer the actual question, which he then did very well.  All in all I would say he had a solid debate overall though.

Obama on the other hand was more like a… a bratty kid?  Maybe a little more Biden-esque in the fact he was definitely more aggressive and interruptive.  At one point he almost seemed pissed, you could see it in his face.  The “altitude” really didn’t seem to affect him as much this time.  I would have to say he did pretty well in his overall response to questions and staying engaged.  Though he never seemed to answer any questions directly.  It seemed that every answer was “Romney is a liar and here is why,” followed by an explanation that based in liberal talking points, it was just the same Obama talking points over and over again.  He must have been studying those non-stop the past two weeks.  I can hear Michelle now. “No intelligence meetings until you memorize those talking points backwards and forwards, and eat those brussel sprouts, now!”  There’s not much else to say about his performance, just redistribution and republicans are evil.

All in all I will say it was a little hard for me to determine a winner of the debate.  Even though they both did fairly well.  If I had to put money on it, I would say that Romney won by a slim to medium margin.  However, according to FOX News, out of their focus groups Romney was definitely the winner by far.  I don’t know, but if that is accurate with the undecided voters, then I say hallelujah!

One other thing I wanted to bring up was the moderator, Candy Crowley.  I think she was probably the best moderator this year, however I would say she was definitely trying to help Obama a couple of times.  Not surprising the MSM will always do that.  No matter how much they try to hide it just can’t portray a balanced, unbiased image.  I just hope that this debate was enough to help boost Romney toward a sustainable lead.

In case you missed it here is the debate in its entirety.

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Political Fails of the Week: 10/8 – 10/12

Hey everyone I’m back from a good long vacation.  Happy Sunday and I hope your doing well.  In case you were wondering about my absence the last couple weeks, I went fishing on the Klickitat River in southern Washington.  Beautiful area if you ever have a chance to visit.  Anyway, here are the fails for this week.

MONDAY 10/8:


Earlier this summer TheBlaze reported that students in a couple of schools in the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio would be receiving school ID’s this year that incorporate an Radio Frequency tracking.  Students and Parents did not like this, but the schools went ahead with it.  The ID’s were handed out to students on Oct. 1.  Now, for some odd reason, students are rebelling against the invasion of privacy.

The funny thing is that one of the consequences for not wearing the ID is that the student would not be able to vote for Homecoming King & Queen.  Really.  That’s funny because I thought requiring ID to vote was racist.  Apparently its racist only when it involves stopping illegal aliens from voting for democrats.



This Obama ad comes straight from the writers at Saturday Night Live.  Or so it would seem.  This is actually a REAL Obama ad, using ‘Big Bird’ to attack Romney. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it the first time and the second and the third.  It’s just so ridiculous.  I don’t think the Obama has any credibility and it’s hilarious to see the Obama campaign grasping at straws like this.

By the way, ‘Sesame Street’ has asked Obama to pull the ad due to copyright infringement.


In 2003, A 16-year-old high school student was shot by a gang member who mistook him for a rival gang member, or something to that effect.  This was a tragic incident, no doubt and should have ended in prosecution of the shooter.  However, a New York appeals court ruled that the victim may sue the gun manufacturer.  This is a horrible step in the wrong direction.

The manufacturer had nothing to do with the shooting.  Realistically, neither did the gun shop that sold the gun to a buyer, who turned out to be an individual trafficking guns to criminals on the street.  This judge has, in my opinion, used his hate for citizens having the right to buy and use firearms to further the liberal agenda of total gun control.

Read the story at TheBlaze


One more quick one for ya.  Do you know the amount of Chevy ‘Volt’ batteries the government got from Compact Power, for the low-low price of  150 million tax payer dollars?  The answer.  Drum roll please……… Zero!  That’s right zero, nada, zilch.  As Joe Biden would put it, that’s malarkey.



James O’Keefe is at it again.  The man known for his video exposing Acorn, along side Hannah Giles, has a new video exposing the one thing that liberals say never happen.  Voter fraud.  Not only does this video bring to light the fact that voter fraud does happen, it happens in the DNC’s own organization ‘Organizing For America.’  Now let me be fair.  The employee for OFA did not come out and say voting twice is wrong,  but she knew it was going to happen and did not discourage it.  All I have to say is:

“Sometimes not taking action to prevent a wrong is a wrong in itself.” – Me


Rev. Jesse Jackson has apparently turned on his “Christian” faith and no says that he is not completely sure homosexual marriage is wrong.  He then bases this new finding on the fact that King David and King Solomon had “many wives.”  First off it is true that they had many wives and I believe God did not approve of that.  Just look at the first book of the bible.

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

It specifically says a man (meaning one man) will be united to his wife (not wives) and become one flesh.  Therefore polygamy is not acceptable to God.  It’s laid out in the first book of the Bible.  Rev. Jackson is just repeating liberal talking points to trick young black Americans to the progressive liberal cause.

Here are a couple more stories from Wednesday:

Obama Admin. lies about Libya attack to mother of slain American.

Liberal Christian group wants AP to stop using the term ‘illegal immigrant’



Now we all now that the attendance for any kind of liberal cause is due to unions mobilizing and paying people to protest.  We also know that unions use scare tactics to get members to vote for their candidate, which is always a liberal democrat.  We have case after case of evidence showing this to be true.  Their was a video released that showed a union member at an event, for Elizabeth Warren, where he said union bosses told him he would be fined $150 if he did not attend the Warren vs. Baker debate.  The video is incomplete, to be fair, but this is a well-known tactic of the unions, so I would have to say that even in its entirety the video would still have the same result.

Although, this member stated he was not paid to attend, only fined for not going.


Westboro Baptist Church.  The name brings all kind of images and feelings to mind.  I admit, sometimes, I feel that I would not have any remorse if God struck these idiots with lightning and sent them home to hell.  I know, it’s harsh.  I really don’t want people to die, no matter how much I disdain them and hate their arrogance.  I wish they could see how they have been deceived and change course before it’s too late.  I heard a wise man once say that the thing a person criticizes the most is usually the problem they struggle with.

Anyway, a funny story came about Thursday though.  Turns out the son of the leader of the group, Jonathan Phelps, is a life long democrat.  Now I noticed, in the past, their stance on a lot of their issues and it seemed to mirror the democrat ideologies, historically, rather than the republicans.  And let’s not mistake them for evangelicals, they spew hate and intolerance.  A true Christian is commanded to love everyone as their selves.

[I decided this will be an exert from an article I will be writing about this group.]


This little story here is an interesting one.  A bus driver told a student that he should have been aborted because his parents have a Romney sign in their yard.  The boy was only 12 years old.  Imagine that, and adult trying to debate a child and having to resort to insults and moronic comments.  Reminds of of how the VP debate went.  I can just picture this.  A big ol’ fat bus driver lady, up in a child’s face laying in to him about something he has no control over.

“Blah, blah, blah, Romney is the devil and hates everyone but white people, blah, blah, blah.” The bus driver blathers.

“Well Obama supports abortion.”  The boy responds. (Which is what the boy actually responded to the bus driver, and is probably the only factual statement made.)

“Well maybe your mom should have aborted you.”

And the bus driver feels as though she won that fight, a smile must come across her face.  Pride fills her heart as she takes in the victory.  Then she gets fired.  You know when I think about it, I don’t think she actually won that debate.

FRIDAY 10/12


Catholic bishops Friday responded to VP Biden’s remarks in a debate that religious institutions won’t be forced to pay for contraception.  In short, they called Biden a liar, liar, whose pants are fire.  In the statement:

This is not a fact. The HHS mandate contains a narrow, four-part exemption for certain “religious employers.“ That exemption was made final in February and does not extend to ”Catholic social services, Georgetown hospital, Mercy hospital, any hospital,” or any other religious charity that offers its services to all, regardless of the faith of those served.

HHS has proposed an additional “accommodation” for religious organizations like these, which HHS itself describes as “non-exempt.“ That proposal does not even potentially relieve these organizations from the obligation ”to pay for contraception“ and ”to be a vehicle to get contraception.” They will have to serve as a vehicle, because they will still be forced to provide their employees with health coverage, and that coverage will still have to include sterilization, contraception, and abortifacients. They will have to pay for these things, because the premiums that the organizations (and their employees) are required to pay will still be applied, along with other funds, to cover the cost of these drugs and surgeries.

USCCB continues to urge HHS, in the strongest possible terms, actually to eliminate the various infringements on religious freedom imposed by the mandate.


The Politico made known that they hired the shamed Yahoo! Bureau Chief that made the comment on a hot mic that the GOP happy to party while blacks drown.  Leave it to the liberal media to hire people just because they spit out a bunch of ignorant falsities toward a group of people they also hate.

Read the story at TheBlaze.

That wraps up another week of fails.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Don’t forget to subscribe and tell your friends.

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I will not be on the internets for a week or so, so no news or opinion for a while.  Sorry.  But to hold you over, I have here a video that should be proof enough that Obama isn’t presidential material.  Also he lies.  And he is a stupid face, and his pants are on fire.

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Political Fails of the Week: 9/24 – 9/28

Good Saturday morning y’all.  I just realized that my political fails are now over a month old. Yeah me.  Anyway, it’s time again for the political fails of the week.  There were many to choose from that I had a hard time picking just one per day.  Let’s get this started.

Monday 9/24:

Howard Stern is at it again.  He had man on the street interview with black voters and found out who their voting for.  The reasons they give are hilarious.  Whether than explain, here’s the audio.

Tuesday 9/25:

With everyone up in arms about Obama rubbing shoulders with celebrities and appearing on stupid talk shows like ‘The View’ instead of meeting with our allies, we haven’t heard a good reason as to why.  Until Now.

Joy Behar, one of the liberal scum that is sucking the intelligence from uninformed women today, tweeted this.

I believe you are right, Joy.  And that is a really sad thing.  Obama should be out there working with our allies, giving them and our countries problems his full, undivided attention.  He is the commander-in-chief, not the celebrity-in-chief.  We pay him to work for us, not to go on vacations, golf, make uninformed and ignorant speeches, and definitely not to be on TV.  Ever think of that.

Wednesday 9/26:

The U.N. is the most useless organization on the planet.  Yet, they seem to be getting the most power.  For some reason we, and other countries, view the U.N. as the great hope for our future.  Wake up people,  the U.N. is just as corrupt, or maybe more so than a Chicago politician.  During the session at the U.N. on Thursday there was a call to criminalize the blaspheming of Islam.

Excuse me.  If you’re going to call for this, where is the call to criminalize the blaspheming of Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism.  Oh that’s right, we won’t kill people for doing that to these religions.  Islam can have peaceful followers.  However, the majority of Muslims, especially in the Middle East are terrorist supporting Jihadist’s.  Just look at the Muslim Day or Arab Day, whatever it is, parade they had in New York.  They were waving the flag that was raised after our Egyptian and Libyan embassies were attacked.  They also called for raising children to die for Allah.

To pander to this group of, to put it bluntly, dangerous religious fanatics is mind-boggling.

Read the story at TheBlaze.

Thursday 9/27:

What better way to show your love for the world than to burn down a countries embassy.

Speaking of U.S. embassies.  From day one we have heard that the attacks were due to an anti-Islamic video placed on YouTube.  Now Hillary Clinton was strongly hinting that the attacks were planned by an al-Qaeda offshoot.  This comes after the Libyan president contradicted the Obama administration as well.  Apparently the new term coined for the whole debacle is Benghazi-gate.  This just goes to show you that Obama is doing everything in his power to give Muslims a hand in destroying America.

Thursday was a day full of fails.  Here are a couple more to look into:

Friday 9/28:

This time an international fail.  Fars News Agency picked up a story about how Americans would rather hang out with Ahmadinejad instead of Obama.  Even though this sounds like it could be true, and is true in areas of New York and L.A., this is a story from the always reliable news source… The Onion.  That’s right.  Apparently the Arab news agency are as good at researching their stories as the MSM.

Now for something a little different.  Here are some stories that aren’t fails but still funny and awesome.

Paul Ryan compares Obama to NFL Replacement Refs.

Voting Democrat could send you to hell!

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Political Fails of the Week: 9/17 – 9/21

Once again it’s time for the fails of the week.  I missed last week due to doing some remodeling of the house I’m moving to.  Sorry.  Nevertheless here we go.

Monday 9/17:

I remember when I was a kid.  Waking up on a Saturday morning, turning on the television, watching some cartoons, and then watching ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy.’  I was very interested in science when I was a young lad.  However, I grew up and as a Christian realized science was a work of the devil.  Just kidding.  I really lost interest in science.  Anyway, I stopped watching the TV so much, but still had respect for that great man who taught me something new every Saturday.  Recently, I have been finding different articles and video clips that seem to show that he had gone off the deep end with a lot of the other “great scientists.”  Ever since Al Gore came up with his global warming scheme, he has duped the scientific community into becoming opinion based idiots.

Anyway here is a video that has been auto-tuned for your enjoyment.

Tuesday 9/18:

A story came out that a woman tried to purchase a shotgun at Walmart.  That’s not the story.  The clerk behind the counter refused to sell the woman the shotgun, because of her size.  He then told her he was going to call the FBI because she was most likely buying the gun for someone else who couldn’t own one.  Now I have seen anything from Walmart or the employee, but if this is true, this guy was an idiot and taking away this woman’s second amendment right.  You can’t tell someone who has a legal right to purchase a firearm, or anything else, that they can’t.

View the story at TheBlaze.

Wednesday 9/19:

A restaurant owner in Texas is being threatened with fines from the city, due to washing off the bird droppings off the sidewalk in front of his restaurant.  The city said it is against the storm water drain policy they enacted, use water and wash the droppings down the drains.  However, it is okay for the rain to wash them down the storm drains.  This is another example of government thinking they’re helping a situation, and instead are hindering a business.

Thursday 9/20:

An MSNBC panel agreed that Obama’s redistribution plan was good and were boggled as to why more Americans don’t support his form of redistribution.  They also tried re-labeling it Robin Hood-ism.  Here is a couple of things for them to ponder.  First off, as I’ve said in the past, if you actually read ‘Robin Hood’ and actually pay attention to the story, Robin Hood did not simply steal from the rich and give it to the poor.  He took the people’s money, that was taken from them in the form of taxes, and gave it back to them.  This is a conservative story actually.

Also, If you look at any poll, not done by their own news organization, you will see that the majority of Americans do not want any kind of redistribution.  This actually shows how far off the MSM is from what the average American.  This is also why people are not watching these news channels anymore and are now getting their news from, frankly, conservative news sources.  Because, most of them simply tell the facts and leave opinion out of it.

View the video here.

Friday 9/21:

Obama has some strange items on it.  Items for your dog, a $95 scarf, wine glasses, etc.  One of the funniest things I found was a t-shirt.  The t-shirt itself isn’t that funny, however the picture is.

As you can see we have a white guy wearing an ‘African Americans for Obama’ shirt.  Could they not find a black man to wear it, or what?  Hilarious.  Browsing through the presidents store I saw a shirt that was a bit of a controversy a little while back.

Still a “Big F**king Deal.”  From the presidents own webstore.  What is the country coming to.  It was also kind of funny to see the difference in some of the prices of items compared side by side.  While many of them are the same, you can definitely tell who’s is who’s.

Pop quiz.  Who’s yard sign is who’s.  One is $20 and the other is $15.


That’s right Obama’s is $20 and Romney’s is $15.  You can tell Romney is a true capitalist.

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