The Problem with America (Part 1)

More and more, America has been slowly changing.  We used to be a nation where Americans once congregated with friends, family, and neighbors on a regular basis.  They would talk to one another face to face, and tell each other what’s going on in their lives.  Now America has become a nation where they rely on others to provide their needs for them, they believe that everything is a government conspiracy, or even that some people need to give up certain basic rights.  This seems to be a growing trend, with no sign of slowing in the foreseeable future.  In this part I am going to delve into the hypocrisy that I see plaguing the nation.

First, looking at the hypocrisy staining this land.  For all those not living under rocks, Obama was sworn in for his second term the weekend.  This was followed by events celebrated the occasion.  Everyone was invited, as long as you could afford the excessive price of tickets. We would want the common rabble mixing with the elite of America.  Let’s look at how people dressed.  Everyone would agree that a $5,000 dollar dress would be pretty extravagant.  Obviously the people like the Obama’s wouldn’t wear clothing that expensive, only people who are in the 1% would do that.  Oops, I forgot she did, not just once but twice on that day.  Not to mention the many times before that.

Now most Americans would say that extravagant parties are how every president would celebrate such an occasion, that is true, and most would not have a problem with this.  However, the problem is that the president and all his followers have been pushing an agenda that demonize’s those the government deems rich.  The fact is the celebrities and politicians partied like money was not an option, and it wasn’t.

Segueing into celebrities.  There is also a large population of celebrities calling for gun control.  An organization, apparently, called ‘Demand A Plan’ tells Americans to demand a gun control plan.  If guns are so evil, every one of these celebrities need to  stop playing in movies that have guns in them.  They are evil and horrible after all.  If they do show their faces in these types of movies, America should simply not go to these movies.  In fact I have decided to stop watching and going to movies that star these actors.  I know that this is going to be tough due to the fact that some of these individuals are talented actors.  I enjoyed the movies they starred in, but I believe that if you’re going to claim to be against something you should be against it even if it hurts your pocket-book.

I have no problem with someone who does not like guns, or even openly calls for gun control, as long as you stand by your convictions.   The left does not stand by anything.  If they believe that Americans should not be able to protect themselves with firearms, then they should also believe in removing guns from the police or their bodyguards.  Do you think that the president would feel safe if the secret service was disarmed.  I don’t think so.

The hypocrisy is one of the most dangerous things America has faced in a long time.  It has been around for a long time, but I don’t think it has been as prevalent in our society as it is now.

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