Political Fails of the Week: 9/24 – 9/28

Good Saturday morning y’all.  I just realized that my political fails are now over a month old. Yeah me.  Anyway, it’s time again for the political fails of the week.  There were many to choose from that I had a hard time picking just one per day.  Let’s get this started.

Monday 9/24:

Howard Stern is at it again.  He had man on the street interview with black voters and found out who their voting for.  The reasons they give are hilarious.  Whether than explain, here’s the audio.

Tuesday 9/25:

With everyone up in arms about Obama rubbing shoulders with celebrities and appearing on stupid talk shows like ‘The View’ instead of meeting with our allies, we haven’t heard a good reason as to why.  Until Now.

Joy Behar, one of the liberal scum that is sucking the intelligence from uninformed women today, tweeted this.

I believe you are right, Joy.  And that is a really sad thing.  Obama should be out there working with our allies, giving them and our countries problems his full, undivided attention.  He is the commander-in-chief, not the celebrity-in-chief.  We pay him to work for us, not to go on vacations, golf, make uninformed and ignorant speeches, and definitely not to be on TV.  Ever think of that.

Wednesday 9/26:

The U.N. is the most useless organization on the planet.  Yet, they seem to be getting the most power.  For some reason we, and other countries, view the U.N. as the great hope for our future.  Wake up people,  the U.N. is just as corrupt, or maybe more so than a Chicago politician.  During the session at the U.N. on Thursday there was a call to criminalize the blaspheming of Islam.

Excuse me.  If you’re going to call for this, where is the call to criminalize the blaspheming of Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism.  Oh that’s right, we won’t kill people for doing that to these religions.  Islam can have peaceful followers.  However, the majority of Muslims, especially in the Middle East are terrorist supporting Jihadist’s.  Just look at the Muslim Day or Arab Day, whatever it is, parade they had in New York.  They were waving the flag that was raised after our Egyptian and Libyan embassies were attacked.  They also called for raising children to die for Allah.

To pander to this group of, to put it bluntly, dangerous religious fanatics is mind-boggling.

Read the story at TheBlaze.

Thursday 9/27:

What better way to show your love for the world than to burn down a countries embassy.

Speaking of U.S. embassies.  From day one we have heard that the attacks were due to an anti-Islamic video placed on YouTube.  Now Hillary Clinton was strongly hinting that the attacks were planned by an al-Qaeda offshoot.  This comes after the Libyan president contradicted the Obama administration as well.  Apparently the new term coined for the whole debacle is Benghazi-gate.  This just goes to show you that Obama is doing everything in his power to give Muslims a hand in destroying America.

Thursday was a day full of fails.  Here are a couple more to look into:

Friday 9/28:

This time an international fail.  Fars News Agency picked up a story about how Americans would rather hang out with Ahmadinejad instead of Obama.  Even though this sounds like it could be true, and is true in areas of New York and L.A., this is a story from the always reliable news source… The Onion.  That’s right.  Apparently the Arab news agency are as good at researching their stories as the MSM.

Now for something a little different.  Here are some stories that aren’t fails but still funny and awesome.

Paul Ryan compares Obama to NFL Replacement Refs.

Voting Democrat could send you to hell!

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