Political Fails of the Week: 9/17 – 9/21

Once again it’s time for the fails of the week.  I missed last week due to doing some remodeling of the house I’m moving to.  Sorry.  Nevertheless here we go.

Monday 9/17:

I remember when I was a kid.  Waking up on a Saturday morning, turning on the television, watching some cartoons, and then watching ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy.’  I was very interested in science when I was a young lad.  However, I grew up and as a Christian realized science was a work of the devil.  Just kidding.  I really lost interest in science.  Anyway, I stopped watching the TV so much, but still had respect for that great man who taught me something new every Saturday.  Recently, I have been finding different articles and video clips that seem to show that he had gone off the deep end with a lot of the other “great scientists.”  Ever since Al Gore came up with his global warming scheme, he has duped the scientific community into becoming opinion based idiots.

Anyway here is a video that has been auto-tuned for your enjoyment.

Tuesday 9/18:

A story came out that a woman tried to purchase a shotgun at Walmart.  That’s not the story.  The clerk behind the counter refused to sell the woman the shotgun, because of her size.  He then told her he was going to call the FBI because she was most likely buying the gun for someone else who couldn’t own one.  Now I have seen anything from Walmart or the employee, but if this is true, this guy was an idiot and taking away this woman’s second amendment right.  You can’t tell someone who has a legal right to purchase a firearm, or anything else, that they can’t.

View the story at TheBlaze.

Wednesday 9/19:

A restaurant owner in Texas is being threatened with fines from the city, due to washing off the bird droppings off the sidewalk in front of his restaurant.  The city said it is against the storm water drain policy they enacted, use water and wash the droppings down the drains.  However, it is okay for the rain to wash them down the storm drains.  This is another example of government thinking they’re helping a situation, and instead are hindering a business.

Thursday 9/20:

An MSNBC panel agreed that Obama’s redistribution plan was good and were boggled as to why more Americans don’t support his form of redistribution.  They also tried re-labeling it Robin Hood-ism.  Here is a couple of things for them to ponder.  First off, as I’ve said in the past, if you actually read ‘Robin Hood’ and actually pay attention to the story, Robin Hood did not simply steal from the rich and give it to the poor.  He took the people’s money, that was taken from them in the form of taxes, and gave it back to them.  This is a conservative story actually.

Also, If you look at any poll, not done by their own news organization, you will see that the majority of Americans do not want any kind of redistribution.  This actually shows how far off the MSM is from what the average American.  This is also why people are not watching these news channels anymore and are now getting their news from, frankly, conservative news sources.  Because, most of them simply tell the facts and leave opinion out of it.

View the video here.

Friday 9/21:

Obama has some strange items on it.  Items for your dog, a $95 scarf, wine glasses, etc.  One of the funniest things I found was a t-shirt.  The t-shirt itself isn’t that funny, however the picture is.

As you can see we have a white guy wearing an ‘African Americans for Obama’ shirt.  Could they not find a black man to wear it, or what?  Hilarious.  Browsing through the presidents store I saw a shirt that was a bit of a controversy a little while back.

Still a “Big F**king Deal.”  From the presidents own webstore.  What is the country coming to.  It was also kind of funny to see the difference in some of the prices of items compared side by side.  While many of them are the same, you can definitely tell who’s is who’s.

Pop quiz.  Who’s yard sign is who’s.  One is $20 and the other is $15.


That’s right Obama’s is $20 and Romney’s is $15.  You can tell Romney is a true capitalist.

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