Political Fails of the Week: 9/3-9/7

It’s time for another edition of political fails.  We’re just going to just right in this week.  So here we go.

Monday 9/3:

I read a story Monday about how many times a blaze reporter had to show ID in order to get into the events at the DNC.  According to the story on TheBlaze they had to show identification three times.  Which is kind of funny when you think about how showing ID is racist.  At least if you compare it to Voter ID laws (I have a post specifically on that here.) You can view the story here.

Tuesday 9/4:

I saw a video, Tuesday, from the DNC where a couple of guys were giving away t-shirts to people.  The t-shirt is hilarious, they say ‘Journalists for Obama.’  What’s so funny you might ask.  Well the fact that these shirts point out the obvious bias the media has towards Obama and the left.  And the shirts were gone in a matter of seconds.  I wonder if it’s because these people were tricked (yes, because they’re idiots), the media bias is true (undoubtedly), and/or they were free and these people want free stuff (obviously.)   Below is a video from MRC, showing how quickly the two ran out of the shirts.

Wednesday 9/5:

Democrats need to get control of their whack job loonies.  During second day of the DNC, TheBlaze interviewed a woman from Puerto Rico.  According to her Romney would “Destroy America.”  Okay, typical liberal rhetoric.  However, she turned it up a notch toward the end of the interview.  She said that if she met Romney she would  like to kill him.  Now, if this was a teaparty activist, or someone connected in, any way, to the republican party, the media would be all over this.  They would be tearing this person to shreds and then they would go after the teaparty and the GOP.  However, since this was a liberal, and not just a liberal but a hispanic liberal, they will play it off as “free speech.” According to TheBlaze, the secret service is aware of the threat and investigating.

Thursday 9/5:

Do the shuffle.

There were lots of merchants outside the DNC this week.  All of them selling some sort of Obama themed merchandise.  There was one that was, well unique.  If you were lucky enough to make it down to the DNC, and I wasn’t,  you could have purchased this product and in a matter of minutes,  you could have been the first person in the club doing ‘The Obama Shuffle.  That’s right ‘The Obama Shuffle,’ and with a name like that, and all the sweet moves this guy had going on, you would be the talk of the club.  However, maybe not in a good way.

What we need now is someone to create a Romney dubstep dance to compete with the moves this guy throws down.  It wouldn’t be too hard to beat this dance.  I think even just a backwoods square dance or even something like the river dance would be better than this.

Friday 9/6:

This story (here) really pisses me off.  The lack of respect the left has for this country and its national symbols is infuriating.  A photo posted on the University of Iowa’s facebook page shows preparations for the president’s arrival, it also shows an enormous American flag lying on the ground.  Now if you are not familiar with flag etiquette, there are some basic rule that should be followed to show respect to our great flag.  Things like: the flag should always be lit up by some sort of light (whether it’s the sun, or an artificial light), don’t set the flag on fire, simple things like that.  Oh, and don’t put the flag on the freaking ground.

This is very disrespectful.  I bet the republicans could put up a ginormous flag without it touching the ground.  Now the University did post an apology on their facebook page, and all is well.  Wait.  Except, they removed the image, and then said that nothing wrong was done.  If nothing wrong was done, then why remove the photo.

Sure looks to me like it on the ground, and I don’t see any blue or gray tarps.

Well that’s it for this week.  Don’t forget to follow the blog and I will try to answer all comments.

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