‘The Daily Show’ Finds Out DNC Is Not Tolerant

Caption from ‘The Daily Show’

Not tolerant.  Figure that one out.  Oh, unless you’re a minority, woman, of gay, at least.  ‘The Daily Show’ featured a video last night, where they interviewed truly intolerant people.  They admitted that if you are a white male, conservative, tea partier, or a corporation owner, you are not welcome in their party.  So the new definition of tolerant is tolerant to your own views.  Okay, that’s been the definition for years now.  Let’s compare that to the republicans.

Republicans, mainly conservatives, don’t believe in differences based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, or any other dividers.  You are all Americans, and as such have all the same opportunities that everyone else have.  Even the rich.  They are truly the all-inclusive party.

I could not embed the video so hop on over to TheBlaze (here) or Comedy Central (here) to view.  If you listen to the audience during the video, you can tell they’re not tolerant either.

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