Voter ID Laws Like “Raping Somebody”?

With many hardcore leftist speakers at the DNC, including San Antonio mayor Julio Castro members from SEIU, Michelle Obama, etc., my prediction will be that there will be a lot of talk about voter ID laws.  Right alongside how the GOP is racist and hates the poor.  If there is any indicator of this it is the story TheBlaze has about how voter ID laws are like “raping somebody.”  Well that’s how one DNC Delegate feels.

Here is an exert from TheBlaze:

According to the delegate, being required to present a photo ID at the polling stations creates voter inequity and causes certain people to lose “part of their freedom” and their all-American, “constitutional right” to vote — that, to her, is akin to rape.

While being required to present an ID would not actually strip someone of his or her “right” to vote, the delegate pressed on.

“It’s like raping somebody,” she stated plainly before agreeing that a utility bill is more than sufficient proof of identification to present at the voting booth.

“It‘s the most awful thing I’ve ever seen.”

TheBlaze reporters then reminded her that journalists coming into the DNC have to show ID three times to get in.  Apparently she changed her tune.  She responded by saying that since she was in the military, showing ID came naturally and she would not have a problem showing ID “ten times” at the DNC.  Wow, but it’s still wrong to show ID for voting.

The main claim against voter ID laws are that they are racist.  It stops people who are not supposed to vote from voting.  Like illegals and felons.  They do not have the right to vote because they did something to have their rights removed, whether it’s coming into the country illegally, robbing a bank, murdering someone, etc.  They can’t and shouldn’t vote.  This is not an attack on blacks or the poor.  Also, everyone can get ID, you don’t need a drivers license, they just require some sort of picture ID.  I can go down to the Department of Licensing and get a state ID for like $15, as long as I am a citizen.  There is not one person who can’t get $15 dollars.  If you can’t, it’s because you lazy, bad at budgeting, or are not a citizen.

Voter ID requirement is one of the best ways to stop voter fraud.  There are seven states that require ID to vote.  They are Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan and South Dakota.  States that have voter ID laws have little to no voter fraud, and when there is, people are arrested.   For example, In Florida, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported a total of 178 cases of voter fraud sent to its department since 2000. Out of those cases, a total of 11 arrests have been made.  Compare that to my home state of Washington, where in one example, ACORN members plead guilty to voter registration fraud in 2007.  They submitted 2,000 fraudulent registration cards.  That’s just one case.

Let’s take a moment to think of some other things you need ID for.

  1. Get something notarized
  2. Open a bank account
  3. Cash a check
  4. Apply for food stamps, Unemployment, or Medicaid
  5. Get a job
  6. Apply for welfare
  7. Buy Sudafed or Robitussin
  8. Take a ride on Amtrak
  9. Drive
  10. Get married
  11. Get a mortgage

These are just a few things among many.  So according to liberals, it’s racist or like raping someone when wanting ID to vote, but not to do any of the things, some of which are government required.  Oh, and the DNC doesn’t count either.  What a bunch of B.S.  I am so tired of the pandering, hypocrisy, the idiocracy of everyone on the left.  It’s getting old and people are starting to wake up to your lies.  The only reason you pretend to care about minorities and the poor is to secure votes.  Votes that will allow you to continue your agenda to destroy America.

Well I’m on to you.  So are many more Americans than you can comprehend.  Have fun losing in November.

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