Juan Williams Bashes Ann Romney

Juan Williams apparently was not impressed by Ann Romney’s speech yesterday at the RNC.  According to him Ann Romney looked “like a corporate wife.”  He also insisted she is out of touch because she was basically a ‘Stepford Wife.’  Yes, the Romney family is wealthy, however so are the Obama’s.

Let’s think about this for a second.  Ann Romney is not just some stay at home mom that sits at home sipping tea with the other housewives.  She is a Breast Cancer survivor and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.  Not to mention raised, I believe, five boys.  To say it’s hard to believe rich people struggle just like middle class Americans is idiotic.  Ann Romney is a true, red blooded, American and is more like the rest of America than any of the progressives in the media or in the White House.

I still find it funny how people demonize the rich, while trying to become rich themselves, already are rich, or idolize rich leftists, in the same breath.  If anyone is out of touch with average Americans it’s Juan William’s.

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