Dave Mustaine Blames Obama For Recent Gun Violence

I love Megadeth and Dave Mustaine is, in my opinion, the greatest metal gutarist ever. He is a born again Christian and conservative. Mustaine has always been kind of anti-government, as reflected in many of Megadeth’s songs. Unfortunately he has recently come out with a statement,while preforming in Singapore, claiming that President Barack Obama and his administration staged the ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle, Colorado ‘Dark Knight’ shooting, and the Sikh temple shooting in order to pass gun bans.

Now I do personally agree that Eric Holder, at the least, was using the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running operation to try and create a crisis where guns should need to be banned. Again personal opinion. However the claims about any of the shootings being orchestrated by the president or any of our government officials is absurd. At least I hope they are…

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