Seattle Deputies Evict Occupy Seattle

The foreclosed house where Occupy Seattle protestors were evicted from.

I’m sure there is more of this going on, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything about these cities doing something about the occupy takeover of houses. I applaud Seattle for finally standing up to these losers, I just hope the rest of America wakes up soon.

The occupiers are not only going into these houses, but they are “remodeling” them as well. Which is kind of scary since, I’m sure none of them know the first thing about support walls, how to find electrical cables in the wall, etc. Which could lead to the ceiling collapsing, maybe someone being electrocuted or even a house fire.

The occupiers should have been arrested for ‘breaking and entering’ or at least fined for any damages. If the occupy movements keep this up though, I say they should occupy a jail cell.

[Story from the Seattle Times Here.]

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