Bill Will Allow U.S. Citizens To Be Held Indefinitely

This seems to be proof the government is out of control. A bill currently passed in the Senate allows for Americans to be detained and held, as long as the military chooses. Without trial. For any reason. Sorry for suspicion of being a terrorist, but being held for any reason would not be far behind. And this is for American Citizens, on American soil. You could be “suspected” of possible terrorist activities and shipped to Guantanamo Bay.

Tucked inconspicuously in the 682 pages of the, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA), the Bill under the title ‘Detainee Matters’ in section 1031 and 1032, Congress has essentially given the Department of Defense the explicit power to take civilians into military custody and to indefinitely detain people suspected of terrorism activities with no charges or trial.

Whom are suspected terrorists? According to the Dept. of Homeland Security document ‘Rightwing Extremism‘, it is possible that tea party supporters (those concerned about the economy), disgruntled veterans, those against illegal immigration, etc. could be considered possible terrorists. Not just actual terrorist.

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